Not Your Father's Cattle Company

We are a small town business based in the heart of Aledo, Texas. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality of life for our cattle, which in turn produces a quality farm-to-table product for your family to enjoy!

What We Offer

We sell beef by the whole, half (aka side beef) and quarter (aka split side beef). Beef is priced per pound based on the hanging weight at $6.00 per pound. This includes delivery within an hour of Aledo, TX, processing, vacuum packing and custom cut sheet. We also offer 100% grass-fed beef with an additional lead time.


Whole beef

Approximately 600 lb hanging weight

For large families and meat lovers.

Typical cost: $3,300 – $3,600 ($1,000 deposit)


Side beef

Approximately 300 lb hanging weight

Just the right amount for most families.

Typical cost: $1,500 – $1,800 ($500 deposit)


Split side beef

Approximately 150 lb hanging weight

Great for smaller families.

Typical cost: $780 – $1,050 ($250 deposit)


1/8 beef box

  • 5-7 lbs Steak (Ribeye, sirloin, filet or NY strip)
  • 8-10 lbs Comfort (Roast and stew meat)
  • 25 lbs Ground (Ground beef and burger patties)

Typical cost: $450

Cuts and quantities will depend on your customization, animal and processor. These numbers are provided as estimates only. You will receive a final price once your animal has been processed.

How it Works

You’ve decided to buy local beef, congratulations! The process is simple.

  1. Fill out an order form
  2. Pay a deposit: $250 for quarter, $500 for half and $1,000 for whole
  3. We weigh and kill the animal and send it to the butcher 
  4. The butcher processes the meat based on your order preferences
  5. Pay the final cost, less your deposit, based on the hanging weight
  6. We’ll deliver the beef to you for free within an hour of Aledo, TX. (Please contact us for arrangements outside our standard delivery area)

Free Delivery Area

Frequently Asked Questions

The hanging weight is the weight of the animal before any processing. Typically, the amount of processed beef will be around 60% of the hanging weight, but this varies from animal to animal and your cut sheet customizations.

Final amounts vary, but in general, you’ll need the following amount of room based on your selection.

  • Whole: 100-cubic foot freezer
  • Half: 50-cubic foot freezer
  • Quarter: 25-cubic foot freezer

We deliver the beef within an hour of Aledo, TX. Contact us at for any questions.

Yes, the price per pound includes all fees and delivery within an hour of Aledo, TX.